/Video: Toyota Prius Family Ad Is Creepy!

Video: Toyota Prius Family Ad Is Creepy!

toyota prius ad at Video: Toyota Prius Family Ad Is Creepy!

Alright, today we had too many commercials. Let’s wrap it up with this, which I’m afraid is possibly one of the most horrible car commercials of all time.

This is the ad for Toyota Prius family, and apparently it’s intended to persuade families into buying the cars. But with this horrible and creepy thing you see above, they will probably scare them off forever!

This thing is called the people person, and it’s made of individuals cuddling up together in the most disturbing ways. You will get the picture when you watch the video below. I don’t know who came up with this idea, and why didn’t his boss at Toyota fire him at once. But he must have taken a look at what he made before releasing it. It’s got someone’s arse as its nose!

Honestly, don’t let your children watch this.

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