/McLaren MP4-12C Problems Are Just Software Glitches?

McLaren MP4-12C Problems Are Just Software Glitches?

McLaren MP4 at McLaren MP4 12C Problems Are Just Software Glitches?

McLaren’s new supercar MP4-12C, the car that’s supposed to expand the British firm’s business all around the world, is not doing so well these days.

Even before the MP4 was launched it was having a hard time. Journalist who drove it all said the same thing: MP4 is a technical masterpiece, but it doesn’t ‘tickle your senses.’ And that’s what its main rival Ferrari 458 does brilliantly.That put off many people.

And now that the car is reaching its customers, new problems are popping up that are much worse than not being as good as Ferrari.

There has been many reports of the MP4 misbehaving and not working properly. A couple of crashes, one of them at McLaren’s HQ, fueled the fire. And it really got bad when a customer put his MP4-12C on eBay a day after he received it. Maybe he did it for the sake of an easy profit, but it was bad for the brand’s image.

MP4’s misfortune continued until a few days ago news came in that McLaren has halted the production of the car.

McLaren officials have now reacted to this rumor and denied the reports. According to Autocar the production is going on as normal and they are making five units per day. But they are not letting the car’s leave the factory until they install a new software that fixes all the bugs. So what they say it that the problems are not safety or mechanical ones, but just some software glitch. And they can easily be fixed with an upgrade.

Software glitch or something more serious, there is no getting away from the fact that McLaren MP4-12C is a half-assed job.

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