/New ’65 Convertible Mustang Body Shell Now Available

New ’65 Convertible Mustang Body Shell Now Available

1965 Convertible Mustang at New 65 Convertible Mustang Body Shell Now Available

This is great news for those into restoration jobs. Ford just announced an all-new Mustang Convertible steel body shell, which can be made into ’64-1/2, ’65 or ’66 models.

The 64 – 65 Mustang Convertible is among the most popular classics and also one of the most restored vintage cars. The body shell for the original Mustang convertible, now in production and available for restorers as a Ford-licensed restoration part, gives classic car enthusiasts a new option in putting their classic dream Mustang ragtop back on the road.

This way you can restore your favorite car with original parts from factory. This is what Mercedes is also doing for their classics, making most of the original parts just as they would make parts for new models.

With this Ford service, shell, the powertrain, suspension and brakes, the electrical systems, the interior and trim can either be bought new or transferred from an existing car to the new body. Ford-approved classic parts suppliers have almost all parts required for fully restoring 1964-66 Mustang convertibles, except for some minor body hardware.

The ’65 Mustang body shell starts at $15,000, which means building a whole car won’t be cheap. But this is not something you need, but something you like to have. It’s a hobby, a passion. So price doesn’t really matter.

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