/First Ferrari FF Burns To Ashes – Video

First Ferrari FF Burns To Ashes – Video

Ferrari FF at First Ferrari FF Burns To Ashes   Video

Didn’t take long, did it. Ferrari FF proves to be a fully-fledged Italian supercar as one spontaneously burst into flames in Germany.

Same thing happened to the 458 Italia when it was first launched into the market. That had an issue with some glue in its rear fender that got too hot and caught fire.

The FF was being driven by a 44-year old customer on test drive as he noticed flames in his rear view mirror. So this car too has a hot bottom! The cause of fire is still unknown. Ferrari usually don’t react to such occasion until at least a couple of cars burn to a crisp.

The driver is OK but the car is totally destroyed in fire. We don’t think he goes back to test drive another one… at least not in a hurry.

via: Jalopnik

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