/Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru BRZ Production

Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru BRZ Production

Subaru BRZ pro 1 at Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru BRZ Production

This is the production version of the Subaru BRZ STI Concept. And, well, we liked the concept better to be honest.

It has apparently lost some of the nice features of the concept car in the transition to a production model, and that makes it like a copy of its twin brother Toyota GT86. It’s not bad by any means, but it would be nice it they’d put in an effort and make it a bit different.

The BRZ is supposed to be the sportier of the two – which is why it gets its own front fascia – but when you look at them both, the Toyota looks more dramatic. The BRZ is powered by the same four-cylinder boxer engine as the Toyota, and while it’s a bit more powerful Subaru is not yet ready to reveal how much.

A six-speed manual or an automatic with paddle shifter, a very low center of gravity, sport suspension and 17-inch wheels are all evidences of a great handling car.

There is really no significant difference between the GT86 and the BRZ. The BRZ might be a bit faster, but that is yet to be proved.

Subaru BRZ pro 2 at Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru BRZ Production

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