/Toyota Concepts for 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota Concepts for 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

toyota tokyo 1 at Toyota Concepts for 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Yes, we have more on 2011 Tokyo Motor Show’s concept cars. This time it’s about Toyota’s futuristic models.

What they’ve done is clever. They divided their concept cars into three categories of near future, mid term and far out.

The one you see above is the near future model called the FT-EV III (Future Toyota – Electric Vehicle III). It is basically the electric version of  Toyota iQ, a 4-seater electric urban commuter. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the FT-EV III achieves an estimated cruising range of 65 miles on a fully charged battery. This car will spawn a production version in 2012.

toyota tokyo 2 at Toyota Concepts for 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Then we have this, the FCV-R (Fuel Cell Vehicle – Reality & Revolution) concept. It is a preview of a Toyota fuel cell vehicle by 2015. The 4.7 metre long sedan is powered by a fuel-cell unit located beneath the specially designed bodyshell. It can accommodate up to four passengers and boasts impressive luggage space, and has a range of 430 km with a full tank of 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen.

toyota tokyo 3 at Toyota Concepts for 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

The far out concept looks funny and also has a funny name: Toyota Fun-Vii ( Fun-Vehicle interactive internet). Toyota says it’s their vision of a future where people, cars and society are linked. Fine, but why did they call it Vii?!

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