/Bentley Continental V8 Teased With Some Noise

Bentley Continental V8 Teased With Some Noise

bentley sound at Bentley Continental V8 Teased With Some Noise

Bentley just released some nice, deep, rumbling noise dubbed “The new Sound of Bentley.”

Now, we have heard the noise that the W12 Continental makes, and this isn’t it. So it’s got to be the sound of the new V8-powered Conti that goes on sale next year.

Bentley gets kinda poetic about it: “Welcome to the new sound of Bentley. Stirring and thunderous, it is the prelude to a potent new Bentley driving experience that begins in 2012.” We’re wondering what they mean by new driving experience. The V8 is going to be slower than the W12, so… You know that’s not really something to boast!

Actually, we just thought of something. New VW V8s are massively powerful and since the V8 is also lighter than the W12, it’s actually going to be faster. Sorry Bentley. You’re right. It’s going to be potent.

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