/2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF-LC

2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF-LC

Lexus LF LC 13 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC

Here it is, finally! The Lexus LF-LC, completely official and in full glory, unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show.

Yes, you’ve seen this car here a couple of times before. But who wouldn’t want to see it again. It’s stunning, and quite an important car, because I think I’m right in saying this is the first properly beautiful Lexus… ever!

This car, designed at the company’s Calty studio in California, explore new possibilities for future of Lexus design. Some of its design cues are already being used in the new GS. The LF-LC kinda evolves them, perfect them.

The highlight of the LC’s design include a sort of 3D spindle grille, the amazingly complicated form of the headlights which create the front air ducts, splendid curves on the sides, and pointy tail lights which look kinda like the LF-A concept. It also has a glass roof, cantilevered pillar with a glass-to-glass juncture inspired by modern architecture.

The interior is very fancy and artistic, and that too hints at the sort of design that is sure to follow in the upcoming production cars. Mercifully, there’s no carbon fiber here, at least not nothing visible. Instead they’ve used real timber and lavish leather to create a very nice and warm place.

The LF-LC features a remote touch-screen system that allows the driver to operate controls without shifting position or altering line-of-sight. Twin 12.3-inch LCD screens provide  information and navigation displays. A touch-screen in the centre console is used to control the audio system, climate controls and navigation, with a pop-up touch-screen keyboard for more complex commands. Similar touch-screen surfaces on each door are used to operate the windows, mirrors, seat positions and personal entertainment settings.

Most of these stuff are of course conceptual, and so is its Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive. It doesn’t matter though, the car is all about the design.

Lexus is reluctant to reveal if the LC actually hints at a production model. We certainly hope to hear more about it.

Lexus LF LC 22 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC 31 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC 41 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC 51 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC 61 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC 71 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC 81 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC 91 at 2012 NAIAS: Lexus LF LC

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