/Entry-level Porsche Roadster On Hold

Entry-level Porsche Roadster On Hold

Porsche roadster at Entry level Porsche Roadster On Hold

Last year, and even before that, we were inundated with reports about an entry-level, baby Porsche that would reinvent the sports car. Now news emerged that Porsche has ditched the plan.

The decision to kill the baby roadster is in accordance to VW’s decision to put the mid-engine Bluesport concept on hold. It’s been in the pipeline for many years, and all the engineering work for a production model had been done. But VW’s business department couldn’t justify that concept.

That’s what stopped Porsche going any further into developing the sports car. First of all, the Bluesport was supposed to be the donor car for it, and second, there would be no market for it. Porsche says the current generation won’t appreciate the concept of a small, efficient, two-seater roadster.

They do have a point. The current generation prefers hot hatches and crossovers. People now don’t want driving fun. They want space for their friends, and iPod connectivity. A two-seater sports car is deemed unsociable and pointless.

Now, rumor has it that Audi and Porsche may join forces to develop such a car, but even if they do, it’ll be at least five years away.

via: Autocar

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