/McLaren MP4-12C High Sport Edition: Video

McLaren MP4-12C High Sport Edition: Video

mclaren mp4 hs 1 at McLaren MP4 12C High Sport Edition: Video

This might seem like a tuned McLaren MP4-12C, and it is in fact, but it’s tuned by McLaren themselves. It is a special edition.

We haven’t had any official announcement from McLaren regarding this car, but apparently, it’s called the MP4-12C High Sport Edition or HS for short and it’s limited to only 5 units.

The HS has a more dramatic design than normal MP4s and looks more dramatic. It appears to be modeled on the MP4 GT3 race car and gets similar front and rear-end design with blacked out air intakes and aero parts. it also has unique wheels. The HS is also said to have an extra 75 hp over the the normal models. Mind you, none of these details are confirmed by McLaren yet.

This video here will give you a better view of the car and also compares it to a standard MP4.

via: WCF

mclaren mp4 hs 2 at McLaren MP4 12C High Sport Edition: Video

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