/2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled

2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled

Tesla Model X 1 at 2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled

As promised Tesla took the wraps off its all-new Model X at the company’s design studio in California. The X is a mixture of SUV and minivan, and it has falcon doors!

The car is basically a jacked-up version of the Model S with tons of interior space, and optional four-wheel-drive system. Tesla hopes to put this car into production in late 2013.

AWD models come with two electric drievetrain on front and rear axles, and can be had in two normal or Performance versions. Like the Model S, Model X will be offered with a 60 or 85 kWh battery.

Tesla Model X 2 at 2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled

The main feature of this crossover, however, is the massive falcon wings doors. Apart from the fact that they look incredibly vulgar, especially on a car like the X, they are hugely practical. A point already proven by Mercedes SLS.

They will result in easier access to the third row seats in the X. The second-row seats slide all the way forward as well. The doors are also useful in narrow parking spaces.

Tesla Model X 3 at 2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled

The interior is pretty unique, with a massive touchscreen in place of all the conventional controls. It’s a concept that’s might work, but needs a bit of getting used to. To add an air of luxuriousness, Tesla has trimmed the dashboard with real timber.

Tesla Model X 4 at 2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled

As mentioned the car is powered solely by electric motors, and therefore has zero emissions. The Model X is a sizable thing and is probably very heavy either, so there are some concerns regarding its performance and, more importantly, its real world range. Tesla is yet to reveal the official specs of the car, but they promise a sub 5-second 0 to 60 time for the Performance models.

bg 07 efficiency prod2 at 2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled
Tesla Model X 5 at 2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled
Tesla Model X 6 at 2014 Tesla Model X Unveiled

Source: Tesla Motors

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