/Ferrari 599 Replacement Officially Teased

Ferrari 599 Replacement Officially Teased

ferrari geneva teaser at Ferrari 599 Replacement Officially Teased

The replacement for the Ferrari 599 GTB, allegedly called the F620 GT, has been teased for debut on February 29.

The car in this teaser is still under heavy camouflage. Ferrari wants to keep it a surprise until the very last minute, so you only see it from distance with Felipe Massa at the wheel on a joy ride around the Fiorano track. Ferrari does confirm however it is the most powerful car they’ve ever made:

Rumors suggest this new Ferrari will have at least 700hp. Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has confimred that it will be a extreme sports car, so it’s probably true. Some other reports say the car is called the F152. We will find out about that soon enough

There is still 8 days remaining to the car’s unveiling, so there probably will be more teasers. But here’s a rendering to give you a taste of what’s in pipeline. It looks like a slightly better looking FF to us. (Rendering brought to you by alVolante):

ferrari f152 rendering 599 at Ferrari 599 Replacement Officially Teased

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