/Ferrari F70: The Enzo Replacement Has 920hp

Ferrari F70: The Enzo Replacement Has 920hp

ferrari right side view at Ferrari F70: The Enzo Replacement Has 920hp

The first details on the Ferrari Enzo replacement are pretty heartwarming.

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. The car is codenamed F70, it will weigh around 2,500 lbs, and will have a 920hp V12 engine.

That colossal power is made by a new V12 engine, an evolution of the current V12 found in the 599. The petrol engine contributes 800hp of that output, the rest of it is provided by the sophisticated KERS system (kinetic energy recovery).

800 sounds like enough to us, but 920 is just fantastic. Although that figure might make you think the new Enzo is a Veyron-basher, it isn’t really. It is in fact Ferrari’s answer to Porsche 918, a hybrid supercar with 718 hp, just as the Enzo itself was a rival for Porsche Carrera GT.

The car is said to appear on the radar sometime next Fall.

source: Autoweek & Automobilemag

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