/McLaren MP4-12C Review by Chris Harris

McLaren MP4-12C Review by Chris Harris

chris harris mp4 12c at McLaren MP4 12C Review by Chris Harris

Finally Chris Harris gets behind the wheel of the McLaren MP4-12C for a thorough review.

It’s really thorough and includes town driving in Bristol, some B-road blasts, and a track test at Castle Combe. Chris details the car’s characteristics in each bit and basically lets you know how it’s like living with the MP4 on daily basis.

The most astonishing part of the car, at least in town, is the Rolls Royce-like ride comfort.

Of course, buying a £200,000 super car for its ride comfort is like buying an adult film for its plot. What matters in a super car is if it’s any fun when you put the hammer down.

That is usually judged by the car’s ability to powerslide and getting very sideways. The MP4 can do that, after all it’s got 600 hp and rear-wheel-drive. But as you see in the film, it never seems to enjoy it.

So yes, the MP4 is a super car you can live with everyday, but what the hell is the point if it’s going to feel like a hatchback 90 percent of the time?

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