/Poor Man’s Toyota 86 On Sale In Japan

Poor Man’s Toyota 86 On Sale In Japan

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Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ) was conceived as a cheap and cheerful sportscar, but some people might still find its Japanese price of around $25K bit too steep.

Good news! There’s a sub-entry level version of the car on sale in Japanese Domestic Market, which will cost a few thousands less than that. It is for those who want an 86 just as a driver’s car, those who appreciate just what a damn good car it is, and can live without the amenities the normal car comes with.

These discount versions do not benefit from air conditioning, audio system, door lamps, leather upholstery, aluminum pedals and trims, and door and trunk lights.

It’s worse for the Toyota version. To make it cheap Toyota won’t paint bumpers, side mirrors and rear spoiler. Neither 86 and BRZ discount get fog lamps and alloys. They come with 16-inch steel wheels. Other things you lose in your quest to save a few grands include ventilated discs and the LSD diff. You get a mechanical unit instead.

These cars are currently only offered in Japan.

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