/This Time In China: Ferrari FF On Fire

This Time In China: Ferrari FF On Fire

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As yet another new Ferrari catches fire, we are starting to believe that if a Ferrari does not go up in flames all on its own , it’s not a proper Ferrari.

Ferrari should actually add ‘Massive Flames’ to the list of their cars’ features. We’ve had so many Ferraris catching fire in recent that news of another one is hardly surprising, or depressing. But this one does actually hurt a bit, because it happened in China.

You see, in China they impose heavy import tax on cars like this. This Ferrari didn’t cost its owner the $300,000 you pay for it in America. It’d cost him a whopping $842,000! What you see here is 800K vanishing into the atmosphere.

There is still no details available on the cause of the fire. And don’t expect Ferrari to react to this. They’re usually not bothered unless the number of burning cars get alarmingly high.

If you own an FF, well, say your prayers before driving it anywhere!

via: TTAC

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