/Porsche To Use Turbo Engines Across The Range

Porsche To Use Turbo Engines Across The Range

Porsche Boxster at Porsche To Use Turbo Engines Across The Range

In order to bring its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions down, Porsche might eventually turn to turbocharged engines for normal models. They won’t be getting the Turbo badge though. You see, Turbo is kind of a big deal for Porsche, as they only use them for the high-end versions of each model.

The idea is that smaller engines and more day to day models will benefit from the advantages of a turbocharged engine, but there will be no evidence to suggest it’s a Turbo. So the reputation of real Porsche Turbo cars is protected.

Sources from inside the company are talking about the possibility of a four-cylinder boxer turbo engine that could be used in the Boxster and also the long-awaited sub-Boxster sports car. The 911 Carrera models may also be given a small turbo to become more efficient.

The Porsche range, especially the 911, is one of the world’s greatest unfathomables and if this new turbo thing gets through, it’s guaranteed to make it even more complicated and hard to understand


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