/Unique V12 Ferrari 458 Built For Eric Clapton

Unique V12 Ferrari 458 Built For Eric Clapton

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Pictures of a very special custom-built Ferrari 458 Italia hit the web today. It is apparently a one-off commissioned two years ago by the great musician Eric Clapton, who wanted the design to be inspired by  Ferrari 512 BB of 1970s, and only now it’s ready for delivery. The pictures have been taken at a dealership in London. The car has one big party piece.

And that’s the V12 engine under the hood, replacing the 458’s standard V8. Well, at least that’s what Eric requested. Has Ferrari managed to squeeze one in the 458’s engine bay, we’re yet to be know for sure. Mr. Clapton wanted the car to be an sprititual successor to the 512, but unfortunately Ferrari does not make a 12-cylinder boxer anymore.

The looks are astonishing. This coachbuilt Ferrari gets Enzo’s headlights, new bumpers, hood, and buttresses, and a two-tone paint job. Ferrari is usually quiet about one-off special order cars they make. But now that the word is out about this one, expect an official statement sometimes soon.

Pictures courtesy of Luke Gilbertson

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