/2015 Ford Mustang to Look Less Retro

2015 Ford Mustang to Look Less Retro

Ford Evos Concept at 2015 Ford Mustang to Look Less Retro

Ford is gradually realizing that Mustang’s good old looks no longer cuts it in today’s market. The Camaro is recording more sales than ever, and other rivals – not necessarily from America – are gaining on them. Solution? Ditch the retro look, go for a more modern design. That is apparently what Mustang designers are busy doing, and in doing so they are getting their inspirations from the new Fusion.

Given the fact that the Fusion itself is inspired by the Evos concept coupe, things seem promising. The Mustang won’t look exactly like this concept car, but it will use some of its styling cues. So chances are the next Mustang will become America’s Aston Martin!

According to Wall Street Journal who has talked to some of the people involved in the project, 2015 Mustang would target Gen Y– born between 1980 and 1999. The current design has been around since 2005, and although it was refreshed a couple of times, it looks pretty old and uninteresting even in its 2013 version.

No info on the car’s performance details, but it will remain a rear-drive muscle car. One thing we like to see changed in the new Mustang – and indeed in every America muscle car – is the interior. They still look and feel rubbish.

Source: WSJ

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