/Dodge Challenger SRT8 – Best Muscle Car Ever!

Dodge Challenger SRT8 – Best Muscle Car Ever!

challenger drive1 at Dodge Challenger SRT8   Best Muscle Car Ever!

Dodge Challenger has always been our most favourite among all modern muscle cars. But we always find it hard to explain why. It’s not the fastest muscle car, it’s not the best-looking, and it certainly isn’t the most refined. But, as Carlos Lago explains in this video review, the Challenger is the best of the lot because it’s the most fun. The Challenger offers all the good things old muscle cars offered without any of the drawbacks. And it’s the most rebellious, which is the most important factor in judging a muscle car. Every drive in this car is an adventure.

Carlos begins his test at the race track, where he gets hit by the rain and quickly realizes a track is the wrong place to get to know the Challenger. So turns around and hit the highway, some nice B-roads and finally the desert. He wouldn’t have done any of that if the Challenger was not so engaging and fun.

For those of you who still care about facts and figures, the SRT8 Challenger has a 490 hp V8 engine, and does 0 to 60 in the low five-second range.

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