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Lexus LFA II In The Works

Lexus LFA 2011 at Lexus LFA II In The Works

The Lexus LFA supercar has only really one drawback, and that’s the price tag. It runs for $375,000 apiece, which sounds a bit steep for what’s, at the end of the day, a Toyota. Now, for the second generation of the car Lexus is reportedly going to double that! The Lexus LFA II will be a full-on hyper car with a price tag in the neighborhood of $1 million.

The thing is, despite its hefty price tag – and the fact that it wasn’t any faster than a whole lot of cars with half or even one-third of its price – the LFA was a success story for Lexus. It was Japan’s first-ever true super car, it was exclusive, It was fast, it was beautiful and it was technically brilliant.

The next model, the LFA II, will cost twice as much as the current one, but it will also be twice the car. According to an anonymous source inside Toyota HQ, the new car will have a significantly higher performance level. On that basis, it should have a 1000 horsepower, seeing as the current LFA has 500something. Chances are the next LFA will be a super hybrid, something like the Porsche 918 maybe.

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