/2013 Ford Fusion Driver Assist Systems Detailed

2013 Ford Fusion Driver Assist Systems Detailed

2013 Ford Fusion at 2013 Ford Fusion Driver Assist Systems Detailed

Ford surprised us with the design of the new Fusion (Mondeo). It looks fantastic for an affordable mid-size sedan. But nice looks is just one of the good things about the new Fusion, the car has more than just a pretty face. On area the car really excels at is Driver Assist technologies. The Fusion comes with a wide array of systems to make the job of driving easier.

Lane-Keeping System with Driver Alert, adaptive cruise control and collision warning, and active park assist, these are the features you could only find in a Mercedes S-Class not that long ago. But now you can have them in your run of the mill Ford.

So let us talk you through some of these features to get an idea of how they work and what are their uses. Let’s begin with the Lane-Keeping System that uses a forward-facing camera that can scan the road surface for lane markings. If you for whatever reason cross the line it vibrates the steering wheel to grab your attention.

Then we have the Driver Alert, which uses the front-facing camera to detect a pattern of vehicle motion consistent with a drowsy driver. Again, it’s S-Class territory. When a cup of coffee appeared in your instrument cluster you’d know the car thinks you’re tired and need to take a break.

Pull-Drift Compensation is built into the electric power-assisted steering to counter the effects of steeply crowned roads or steady crosswinds. This one detects the car’s unintentional movements and compensate for them to prevent spins. It uses electric steering system to make correction to the wheels angles.

Adaptive cruise control is something you are probably familiar with. It uses a radar sensor that measures the distance and speed to the vehicle ahead and adjusts yours accordingly. Active Park Assist is another cool features, utilizing electric power-assisted steering and ultrasonic sensors to make parallel parking a fun job.

And finally, the Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert, which uses radar sensors in the rear corners that can monitor the spaces beside and just behind the car to let you know of the stuff you can’t see.

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