/UAE: Toyota GT86 Launches In Style

UAE: Toyota GT86 Launches In Style

GT86 UAE at UAE: Toyota GT86 Launches In Style

The new Toyota GT86 launches in the United Arab Emirates, where the Japanese car maker expects to sell thousands of them to the youngsters and college boys – you know, those who cannot afford a Ferrari because their trustfund hasn’t kicked in yet. Anyway, they decided to launch the car in style, by sending it out on a great driving road with a pro driver at the wheel, to do what it does best; hooning.

It’s a tricked-out 86 they’ve sent out with spoilers and stuff, not a standard version, The GT86 as you know has too many names. GT 86, BRZ, FR-S, whatever. They decided in UAE to keep things simple, just call it the 86. That also explains why they made this video. Arabs could not be bothered to know about low center of gravity or horizontally-opposed engines!

In free trade zones in the Middle East, the 86 will cost around $30,000. In countries where they impose tax on import cars, it could sell for up to 70 grand.

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