/Spectator-Filmed Ford Focus ST Commercial Released

Spectator-Filmed Ford Focus ST Commercial Released

Focus ST TV Commercial Fans at Spectator Filmed Ford Focus ST Commercial Released

So here it is, the first-ever spactator-filmed commercials Ford promised they will make for the new Focus ST, probably to reflect on the car’s down to earth attitude. It is from normal people, for normal people, a true blue collar car. So they got X Games Rally gold medalist  – and Top Gear America host – Tanner Foust and stunt driver Greg Tracy to drive the ST in an enthusiastic manner through the narrow streets of Key West in Florida, and asked fans to film the event with their cellphones.

The fans then submitted their clips and Ford made this montage as the finished product. It’s good, it really is. But when with Tanner Foust at the wheel of a hot hatch, we’d prefer professional filming and maybe even some special effects.

Still, it’s pretty cool for a first:


As for the car, the new Ford Focus ST is powered by a 250-hp turbocharged four-banger, and features a tricksy font differential to use that output most efficiently. It’s fast, it’s practical, it’s well-eqiupped, it’s economical (well, sort of) and above all, it’s fun. In brief then, it’s brilliant.

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