/Videos: Vettel Drives New Jersey Circuit, Swears On Letterman

Videos: Vettel Drives New Jersey Circuit, Swears On Letterman

vattel america at Videos: Vettel Drives New Jersey Circuit, Swears On Letterman

Red Bull F1 team and its sponsor Nissan/Infiniti hooked up Sebastian Vettel with a great opportunity to go to America, drive the Grand Prix of America circuit in New Jersey, and appear on David Letterman talk show. And Vettel did well, except for the part where he lost it and used some inappropriate words. But hey, he probably wanted the message to sink in!

Before we get to the Letterman stuff, let’s check out Sebastian at the New Jersey circuit, where he and old mate David Coulthard became the first F1 drivers to lap the newly made track in two Infiniti IPL G Coupe. It wasn’t a full technical test of the facility, but rather a leisurely drive and some showing off for the sake of publicity.

Then the young German went to sit with Letterman for a little chat. David Letterman himself is a huge motorsport fan, so he got technical and asked Vettel about the DRS system they use in Formula 1 these days. Vettel said in response: “Now you make it really complicated, people here have no f***ing idea what you’re talking about.”

Later on Letterman asked the F1 champ about the Jersey circuit, and he said: “It looks very quick. You need some big balls I think,” while playing an act on himself. Gotta love this kid!


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