/F1 Race Stars Video Game Trailer Released

F1 Race Stars Video Game Trailer Released

Codemasters F1 0 at F1 Race Stars Video Game Trailer Released

These days computers have become so powerful that a video game you can buy for like 10 bucks can literally be used as a simulator to learn the real thing. We’re talking about various Formula 1 games currently available for all platforms. To be honest though, they are all hellishly boring. That’s where this comes in – Codemaster’s F1 Race Stars. It’s like a nice blend of Mario Kart and F1 racing with real stars featured in it.

You get  Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel as cartoon characters. Even the race tracks are modeled on the real circuits, but with a great deal of fantasy added for good measure. Now this sounds like huge fun.

In the video, the drivers are shown blasting down the track in their F1 RACE STARS cars. However there’s a surprise ahead as the circuit begins to transform and a tight hairpin elevates into the sky. Undaunted, the racing heroes accelerate and take the race onwards and upwards.

Codemasters F1 1 at F1 Race Stars Video Game Trailer Released

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