/Lexus To Make LF-LC Due To Public Demand

Lexus To Make LF-LC Due To Public Demand

Lexus LFLC Concept at Lexus To Make LF LC Due To Public Demand

Voices from inside Lexus headquarters suggest the Japanese car maker is now seriously considering production of the LF-LC concept after receiving overwhelming positive feedback from the public. Designed by Lexus American design center in California, the LF-LC was meant to remain a concept car forever, but we will be soon seeing it on the streets as a production model.

Lexus is definitely changing its image from a dull and boring brand for the elderly into a young and energetic car maker, and the LC can help a lot with that, even if it’s too expensive for the majority people to afford.

Lexus has apparently told its dealers that is they reach targeted sales of 27,500 units for the GS sedan by the end of 2012, the LC will be made. But sources say they will make the cool coupe even if the target is not met.

Besides the LF-LC, Lexus is also working a new version of the SC coupe/convertible model. Killed off in 2010, the SC was supposed to be a rival for the Mercedes SL, but it was quite dreadful in almost every way. Well, it was a high quality product, but that was just about the only redeeming feature it had. The new model is said to be completely different and on the par with cars like the Aston Martin Vantage.

via Autoweek

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