/Renderings: Toyota GT86 Cabriolet

Renderings: Toyota GT86 Cabriolet

Toyota GT86 Cabriolet 1 at Renderings: Toyota GT86 Cabriolet

Now that the Toyota GT86 – along with its Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ variants – has established itself as a great sports car, and as it’s selling like hot cakes, it’s time to start speculating about the Cabriolet GT86. It’s only a matter of time before Toyota launches this car, and we have a couple of renderings here to show you what it would look like.

The Toyota GT86 Cabrio will feature a soft-top rather than a folding metal roof. The whole point of the GT86 is to offer a simple, affordable, light and agile sports car. Using a folding hardtop not only spoils all that, it will also ruin the car’s looks. With a fabric roof though, it looks even better.

The 86 does, however, lose its back seats in becoming a convertible. Not that anybody would care. The back seats in 2+2 sports car are useless anyway. So with the roof and that rear seats removed the 86 becomes lighter. But It’s not good news, because the engineers will have to use more strengthening features to make the convertible car feel rigid, and that will add to the weight. Chances are the 96 Cabrio will be heavier than its coupe variant.

We do really hope Toyota gives the car more power as well. 200 hp the coupe has to make do with is nowhere near enough for the 86.

Renderings via Automobile-Magazine.fr

Toyota GT86 Cabriolet 2 at Renderings: Toyota GT86 Cabriolet
Toyota GT86 Cabriolet 3 at Renderings: Toyota GT86 Cabriolet

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