/Toyota Reaches New Production Milestone: 200 Million

Toyota Reaches New Production Milestone: 200 Million

Corolla Toyota at Toyota Reaches New Production Milestone: 200 Million

Toyota Motor Corporation’s  worldwide cumulative vehicle production number breaks the remarkable number of 200 million units this month, 76 years and 11 months after they started making cars. Most of these cars have been sold in Japan, of course, as the cumulative production in Toyota’s home country accounts for 145.21 million of that 200. Overseas production accounts for 55.12 million.

It is still an incredible record though. And the most incredible fact is that the most-produced car Toyota made during this time is probably one of the most boring cars they made as well: Corolla! Cumulative worldwide Corolla production totaled 39.08 million units as of the end of June. The current Corolla is the 11th generation of the car.

The first car ever produced by Toyota was the Model G1 truck, produced in August 1935 at Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.’s1 Automotive Department, which was spun off and later became TMC.

Marking the achievement, TMC President Akio Toyoda said: “I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to our customers the world over who made it possible for us to reach this milestone.  I also have the most profound respect and gratitude for the efforts of all persons who were involved in developing, manufacturing, and marketing Toyota and Lexus vehicles over the years.  We are determined to make our cars even better, to continue to give our customers the best possible product.  This is the common goal of our 300,000 Toyota staff members worldwide.”

Toyota Worldwide Cumulative Vehicle Production Milestones
Milestone                                              Reached     Time  since production of first vehicle

10 million units                                 January     1972     36 years, 6 months
50 million units                                 October 1985     50 years, 3 months
100 million units                              January 1997     61 years, 6 months
150 million units                              January 2006     70 years, 6 months
200 million units                             June 2012     76 years, 11 months

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