/DRIVE Channel Host Competition 2012

DRIVE Channel Host Competition 2012

drive challenge2 at DRIVE Channel Host Competition 2012

We all watch DRIVE channel and we all enjoy the work these guys do every week to keep us entertained with motoring-related stuff. Well, to tell you the truth, we only watch Chris Harris videos, and sometime Matt Farah tuning features. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the other guys.

Now they’ve come up with something rather unusual, a host competition to see whose videos are most popular.

In this competition all the hosts have to make a two-minute video using a version of Cadillac CTS-V – because Cadillac is the sponsor of the channel. The video with the most number of views after one week will be the winner. Yes, we too think it should have been the number of likes, but JF wisely decided to go with views.

The intro:

As you would expect, Chris’ video is the most interesting, but it might not be the winner because Matt also did a good job by annoying JF all the way through his film! The other guys, Alex Roy and Leo Parente, well, they were rubbish to be honest. They knew they were not going to be interesting, so they brought along some breasts to make their videos watchable. It hasn’t worked.

Check out all the videos below:

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