/Ferrari 458 Scuderia To Be Called Monte Carlo

Ferrari 458 Scuderia To Be Called Monte Carlo

Ferrari 458 Challenge at Ferrari 458 Scuderia To Be Called Monte Carlo

Ferrari will eventually launch a stripped-out, track-focused version of the 458 Italia. It is a tradition started with the F360 to cope with the demand for track day-ready cars. The semi-racing version of the 360 was called the Challenge Staradale. It was followed by the 430 Scuderia, and now news emerge that the track-ready 458 will be called Mote Carlo.

That is an odd name for a Ferrari, yes, but it’s got a nice ring to it: Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo. That said, if we were in charge of Ferrari at this point, we would have call it the Ferrari 458 Stelvio. But we’re not!

Regardless of the name though, it’s going to be one helluva car this stripped-put, focused, performance-minded 458. Think of it as a road-going 458 Challenge. The word is that the car will get no less than 620 horsepower and a revised chassis. Although how are they going to make it better than the standard 458, we have no idea. Visually, the car will probably get a racing stripe and new wheels.

via Autoblog.nl

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