/Ferrari SP Arya One-Off In The Works

Ferrari SP Arya One-Off In The Works

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People who order one-off, coachbuilt Ferraris usually like to remain anonymous. Of course, sometimes that  proves impossible because the owner is a celebrity like Eric Clapton. The owner of the latest one-off Fezza, which is still in the works, has no problem with being known. In fact, he did give Ferrari Magazine an interview.

This bloke is an Indian businessman called Cheerag Arya, and his Ferrari, which by the looks of things is going to be a mixture of 599 and F12 Berlinetta, will be called Ferrari SP Arya. The SP stands for Special Project, as with Clapton’s SP12.

Arya has a real passion for Ferraris, particularly the 599 model. He basically uses a 599 GTO as a daily driver, and he’s very pleased with its practicality. He also owns a 599XX race car that he uses for fun, and a 599 SA Aperta. His Ferrari journey, however, started with the F40. Well, that explains it. Nothing represents the Ferrari magic like the F40.

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