/Not Again: Another Ferrari 458 Burns Down

Not Again: Another Ferrari 458 Burns Down

Burning 458 at Not Again: Another Ferrari 458 Burns Down

We thought Ferrari have fixed the fire issue with the 458 Italia that destroyed several units in the first months of the car’s launch. But as yet another Ferrari 458 Italia burns to the ground on the side of a highway in Switzerland, they probably haven’t. The cause of early fires was some rubbish glue inside the rear fenders. The cause of this one is yet to be determined.

Ferraris are among the most fire-prone cars, with an alarmingly high record of burned cars over the past few years. And it’s not just one model. The FF, the 599, the 612, the 430… there’s record of all of them catching fire and burning to a crisp for no obvious reason. Unfortunately the 458 seems to be more combustive than the others. What’s weird is that 90 percent of the fires have happened in Europe, and not hot places like the Middle East or California.

Ferrari seriously needs to look into this. If their cars keep burning like this, sales and customer loyalty will be damaged. People love Ferrari, but not as much as their lives!

20min.ch via Jalopnik

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