/Ferrari F40 Crashed In The Rain – Video

Ferrari F40 Crashed In The Rain – Video

f40 crash 1 at Ferrari F40 Crashed In The Rain   Video

There are certain cars that most people around the world unanimously love. So when one of these cars crashes, it’s a sad day for the entire automotive community. Today is one of those days, as a Canadian Ferrari F40 owner takes his car to the road – in the wet – and wrecks it. From the front it doesn’t look so bad, but when you look at from behind… Ouch!

Clearly the guy lost control of the car, spun, and hit something on the side of the road. In his defense, the F40 is a tricky car to handle, even in dry, and it doens’t have any electronic control whatsoever. But he should have known that driving such a car in the rain is not a smart move.

The engine compartment is substantially damaged, and so is the bodywork. Hope he can get it fixed though. They only made about 1,300 units of this car, and the world cannot afford to lose one.

f40 crash 2 at Ferrari F40 Crashed In The Rain   Video

via Jalopnik

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