/Kahn Design Porsche 991 Preview

Kahn Design Porsche 991 Preview

Kahn Design Porsche 991 Preview 1 at Kahn Design Porsche 991 Preview

Kahn Design released the initial details of their upcoming package for the Porsche 991. By the looks of thins, this is a heavy styling package with wide arches, big wheels and sports bumpers. Sounds cool, but Kahn promises they won’t mess with the 911’s classic look. They are just going to enhance it a bit, make it more modern.

So the lovely 991 will get a set of wide arches on all four corners, front and rear sections, the Kahn cross hair exhaust system and exclusive paint jobs. As always there will be the bespoke touch for the interior, which means customers can have it in any color or material they desire, and a set of Kahn Wheels completing the image. This particular car here is fitted with Kahn Design Monza wheels.

Like all big tuners, Kahn has a unique design, a signature dish that makes his cars exclusive and instantly recognizable. Over the years they have expanded their work significantly, but never compromised on that cool image.

Kahn Design Porsche 991 Preview 2 at Kahn Design Porsche 991 Preview

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