/First Glimpse Of Ferrari F70 Engine

First Glimpse Of Ferrari F70 Engine

ferrari f70 engine at First Glimpse Of Ferrari F70 Engine

A leaked photo from Ferrari Magazine reveals the first shot of Ferrari’s new hyper car’s engine bay. Allegedly called the F70, this Enzo replacement features a hybrid powertrain consisting of a powerful V12 petrol engine and an electric system to complement it. It’s probably not as advanced as the system in the Porsche 918, but good enough to give it a run for its money. 

There are various reports about the output of this engine, suggesting anything from 800 to a 1000 horsepower. Being a Ferrari, it certainly won’t disappoint in terms of power and performance. But it has to be good at the fuel efficiency game too. Not that anybody cares, but we know that Porsche 918 is very economical for a hyper car and if Ferrari can’t match that, the Germans are going to hold it over their head forever.

Pieces are starting to come together for the F70. Before this Ferrari gave us a look at the car’s F1-derived carbon chassis, and now we saw the engine. The most important thing though – the styling – is yet to be revealed.

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