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Audi TT GT3 In The Works

Audi TT RS at Audi TT GT3 In The Works

Audi has set themselves ambitious goals to reach over the next few years, including launching a new luxury SUV, a diesel hybrid super car, and a GT3-like version of the TT. Basically a stripped-out version of the TT RS, the new sports coupe is said to weight only 1,000 kg.

Despite all the efforts Audi’s putting into making the TT GT3 lighter, and the compromises they are making on the car, sources say it is still going to have all-wheel-drive. That doesn’t really make sense, because apart from the added weight, AWD is not really suitable for a lightened, performance-focused sports car that this version of the TT apparently wants to be.

The power still comes from the five-cylinder turbo engine that’s been around for ages, but it’s not clear yet how much horsepower it makes in the super-light TT.

It is an interesting prospect though, even with four-wheel-drive and everything. Performance-minded versions of successful civilian models have always been good cars.

via Autocar

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