/Autocar Compares New Porsche Boxster To Mk1 Model

Autocar Compares New Porsche Boxster To Mk1 Model

Porsche Boxster S at Autocar Compares New Porsche Boxster To Mk1 Model

When the first Porsche Boxster hit the market in 1996 everybody looked at it as the poor man’s Porsche for those who cannot afford a 911. It was pretty much the same story with the Mk2. The new Porsche Boxster 981, however, is in a different class. It has gone up in the world, so much so that some say it is even better than the 991 Cabrio. It has remained loyal to the philosophy of the old model though, which is offering pure, honest, and unadulterated driving fun. 

In this video Vicky Parrot drives both models back to back, and wax lyrical about them for minutes. The Mk1 Boxster has pretty much the same delicious driving feel the new model has, but it had that image problem. With that issue addressed in the new car, you could say the 981 is the best sports car in the world right now.

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