/Ferrari Enzo Replacement Details Revealed

Ferrari Enzo Replacement Details Revealed

Enzo replacement at Ferrari Enzo Replacement Details Revealed

Ferrari is preparing a new hyper car to replace the legendary Enzo with, and it will debut next Spring. That’ll be 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The new Enzo – reportedly codenamed F150 and not F70 – won’t have the same collection of awesome numbers as, say, McLaren P1 or Bugatti Veyron, but to drive it could be better than both.

Ferrari is putting the emphasize on how the car feels, rather than how much horsepower it makes or how fast it goes. So it will have something between 800 to 850 horsepower – which isn’t much in a world where Bugattis make 1,600.

The F150 will be fairly lightweight at 1,100 kg, thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber, namely the compact central carbonfibre monocoque that weighs only 70 kg. It will have roof-hinged doors, which are carried over from the Enzo.

An interesting detail about the F150’s cabin is the driver’s seating position. Ferrari has been so obsessed with race-car feel for this car that they’ve come up with a new radical position for the driver. The seat will be fixed in place, and shaped based on the buyer’s body. What’s more, the driver sits upright and his feet will be raised up, like an F1 car. That basically means you can’t buy one of these second hand unless you are the same size as the previous owner.

As for the engine and drivetrain, the car will indeed be powered by a HY-KERS V12. It is the same V12, albeit tweaked, used in the F12, supported by an electric motor. The V12 makes about 750 hp, and the electric motor about a 100. The real use of the motor, however, is to reduce the car’s consumption and emissions by taking some of the load off the petrol engine. The power will be delivered via a dual-clutch transmission and a trick differential, both bespoke to the F150.

Design-wise, the F150 will have roughly the same profile as the Ferrari Enzo, but the front and rear-end design are heavily inspired by the 458. You can see a rendering of the car and read more about it @Autocar

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