/Motorward Visit to Carrozzeria Scaglietti

Motorward Visit to Carrozzeria Scaglietti

Scaglietti 04 Top at Motorward Visit to Carrozzeria Scaglietti

What started as a small car repair company in the early 1950’s, has grown into a huge factory – Carrozzeria Scaglietti. Located just outside the centre of Modena, this factory is an important part of the Ferrari building process.

Back in the early days they’ve earned Enzo’s respect because of their amazing racing cars, and shortly after it they became Ferrari’s factory of choice for their own racing autos. Nowadays they are an official part of the Ferrari factory, and they’re producing the aluminium chassis for a lot of their models (you can easily see that in our pictures).

In the photos you can also clearly see the traditional Italian influence, because the finished chassis are stored outside, completely uncovered. Unfortunately the factory was closed on the day we visited it, but we were able to get some shots through the fence.

Hope you like them!

(Photographer) – Pascal is a photographer and contributor of Motorward. His skills allow us to provide you with great images of the auto world.