/Toyota GT86 Banned UK Commercial – Video

Toyota GT86 Banned UK Commercial – Video

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The Brits have just banned this Toyota GT86 commercial because it encourages irresponsible driving. That’s a shame, because it is one of the best, most meaningful car commercials we’ve ever seen. It’s about a driver sick of being controlled all the time by the nanny state, in search of freedom in a pure sports car that is the GT86.

Guess he’s right; feeling IS a capital offense around here!

The ad has something of Grand Theft Auto and Mafia games about it, and it does show a chase scene which ends with the driver breaking through the wall, but they can’t just shut it down because of that. For one thing, it is all CGI. And to be honest if people are going to be inspired by a commercial to a degree that they might get out and try it for themselves, then dangerous driving is going to be way down the list of their problems.

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