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Lexus History & Photo Gallery

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The name Lexus is said to be credited to the amalgamation of the two words “Luxury” and “Elegance,” which appears to be a fitting name for a car that is widely acclaimed as being both lavishly comfortable and technologically future forward.

The Lexus Covenant projects their mission to enter the most competitive, prestigious automobile race in the world and to win. Their commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen in their mission statement: “If you think you can’t, you won’t …If you think you can, you will! We can, we will.” In addition to this commitment, their philosophy slogan is “The Pursuit of Perfection.” Dedication to customer service is elucidated through continuously excellent customer ratings. For example, in 2008, J.D. Power and Associates dubbed Lexus the most trustworthy brand in the United States for the fourteenth year in a row based on customer ratings in its Vehicle Dependability Survey.

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Lexus is owned by the Japanese car maker Toyota Motor Corporation and is operated in the following operational centers: Brussels, Belgium as well as Torrance, California in the United States.  Lexus brand vehicles have traversed all around the world and after first being introduced to the United States in 1989 became an amazingly high selling comfort vehicle there.  In 1983, the furtive flagship project rested under the code name F1. After the Lexus LS was initiated in the late 1980s, many other models followed suit, including sedan, coupe, SUV and convertible models.  Beginning in 1990, Lexus embarked on the exportation of cars to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and Australia. From 2001 to 2005 the company underwent business restructuring so they operated their own assembly, design and manufacturing production divisions for their vehicles. Lexus has enjoyed a great deal of positive media coverage as it made its television first appearance with glasses of champagne stacked on the hood of a Lexus Sedan 400.

The widespread Lexus car listings showcase various sizes and classes of sedans.  Among these cars are hatchbacks, minivans, sport luxury vehicles, sport sedans, roadsters and concept cars all ranging from compact models, mid size models and full-size models. The Hybrid versions include the HS sedan, CT hatchback and modifications of the RX, LS and GS.

Lexus has come a long way since the stacking of champagne glasses on the hood of that LS 400. The corporation has become a pioneer in safety feature capabilities. Lexus introduced a lineup of safety systems such as emergency avoidance, pre-collision systems, specialized warning systems, dual-chambered passenger airbags, and whiplash protection. These innovative technological advances in the Lexus brand vehicles have made the Lexus Corporation a steadfast, yet revolutionary company.


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