/Steve Sutcliffe Drifts a Jaguar XKR-S… Blindfolded!

Steve Sutcliffe Drifts a Jaguar XKR-S… Blindfolded!

Jaguar XKR S Blindfolded 545x300 at Steve Sutcliffe Drifts a Jaguar XKR S... Blindfolded!

Autocar’s top man Steve Sutcliffe has proven his natural talent to make everything go sideways. So has Jaguar’s XKR-S sports coupe. Together this pair can drift all day long. To try and liven things up a bit, Steve decided to challenge himself and see if he can drift the Jag while wearing a blindfold, holding the slide through the feel of the steering wheel and the sounds of the engine. Tall order. Watch the action after the jump. 

Son of a gun didn’t even break a sweat!

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