/Chris Harris on Ferrari 458 Spider

Chris Harris on Ferrari 458 Spider

Chris Harris on Ferrari 458 Spider 545x301 at Chris Harris on Ferrari 458 Spider

Technically, Chris Harris shouldn’t be driving a Ferrari press car because of things he’s said in the past about the company. Italians, after all, are great at holding grudges. But the combination of Chris’ driving style and Ferrari’s awesome handling makes for spectacular films, which is why he used his contacts to secure a 458 Spider for a mad mad test drive.

This is what being a good journalist is all about; providing your audience with the content they want, even if it means getting into a fight with a company like Ferrari!

People on the internet are saying this Ferrari 458 Spider is on loan to Jeremy Clarkson and that he provided Chris with the opportunity to drive it. Well, the car certainly looks exactly like the one Jezza drove in the last Top Gear DVD, but it’s a UK press car. It could be under anyone’s contract now.

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