/Honda GEAR Concept Revealed in Canada

Honda GEAR Concept Revealed in Canada

Honda Gear concept 1 545x347 at Honda GEAR Concept Revealed in Canada

At the Montreal Motor Show in Canada Honda revealed an interesting little concept car called GEAR. It is a design study for a sub-compact vehicle that would be an automotive answer for the Gen-Y lifestyles, says Honda, by being stylish, practical, and efficient.

Well, we don’t know about cool, but the GEAR is certainly cute. It has a wedge-shaped design sort of inspired by the old Civic hatchback. The GEAR features chunky wheels and tires and translucent body panels to look utilitarian, fun, and customizable; qualities that Honda says have never been gathered together before in a car of this class.

So this is what the young urban generation considers the perfect automobile these days. There used to be a time when that was a powerful muscle car, or a fast sports car. Now, however, it is this pathetic little thing.

The GEAR is a design study and probably doesn’t even have a powertrain. But even if it did, it almost certainly was an electric motor or something like that.

Honda Gear concept 2 545x370 at Honda GEAR Concept Revealed in Canada

“Subcompact cars are usually either utilitarian, but uninspiring or they’re fun, zippy cars that are impractical and too expensive for the Gen-Y buyer,” said Dave Marek, Design Director at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. “GEAR Concept tears down those walls – it’s practical but fun, customizable, connected and affordable. Everything that young, discerning urban buyers would want in a car.”

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