/LaFerrari: Visualizer Launched, 1000 Requests Received

LaFerrari: Visualizer Launched, 1000 Requests Received

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At $1.3 million apiece and limited production run of just 499 units, The new LaFerrari hyper car is one of those cars that most of us don’t even dare to dream about. It is so out of reach, it is not even a dream car. Still, if you like the way it looks, you are going to have a good time playing with it Visualizer.

Apparently, LaFerrari comes in three exterior colors of Nero or black, Rossa Corsa or Ferrari red, and Giallo Modena or yellow. Black makes the car look absolutely menacing, but the other two colors make its nice details and proportions – inspired by F1 cars and classic Ferraris such as the 330 P4 and the 312P – really pop.

With a 960 horsepower hybrid powertrain, LaFerrari is built only for one thing: speed. It is like a Formula 1 car for the road. Trouble is, most of its buyers don’t give a damn about the performance. They are buying it first and foremost to show off their millionaire friends, and then to lock it up, let the value go up, and sell it for profit in a few years.

Ferrari has apparently received over a 1000 requests already. They have said the production is limited 499 units, but you never know. The F40 was supposed to be limited too, but they did make like 1,200 units.

LaFerrari 360° Visualizer

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