/Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo Envisioned

Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo Envisioned

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A British company called Cars for Starts released the first renderings of a stretched Lamborghini Aventador. As silly as the idea sounds, the actual car looks even worse. But there is no denying it does have presence, and that’s what Lambo fans want above everything else. They call this project the ‘Lambo Limo’.

This is a pure conceptual design at  the moment, but Cars for Stars is looking for investors to make the thing, and to sweeten the deal they promise 12 months of free advertising for every company that take part, as well as the renaming of the car to incorporate the name of the company. Presumably, they also give a shout out to everyone who likes their concept.

The Aventador Limo features LSD rear doors and inside it benefits from heated seats, entertainment system with iPod connectivity and stuff, and large plasma screens. The engine apparently remains standard. With 700 horsepower, it probably won’t have any problem moving a few extra kilos around.

It does look stupid though, doesn’t it? We’re sure it does, so you’d better use a service like Limo Find to get real quality limos, instead of dreaming with what will never happen.

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