/Rendering: Black Lamborghini Veneno on ADV1 Wheels

Rendering: Black Lamborghini Veneno on ADV1 Wheels

veneno adv1 wheels 545x318 at Rendering: Black Lamborghini Veneno on ADV1 Wheels

Lamborghini Veneno limited edition, to be brutally honest, is a stupid car. It is an Aventador with a crazy body that only appeals to 8 year olds. It doesn’t have anything meaningful to offer, and at 3 million Euros apiece, it is also absurdly expensive.

But who cares, really. This is what Lamborghini does: making stupidly awesome cars. And we all have an 8 year old inside us anyway.

Now, the guys at Lambocars.com decided to have a go at improving the Veneno, virtually, with a new color and some new wheels. They went for the ‘Nero’ black color, and ADV1 wheels. It looks quite menacing at the back, which is nice, but it is the front-end that makes the Veneno look like a bit of a simpleton. Hopefully, the next rendering will address that issue.

Meanwhile, the three customers of the real Veneno are trying to work out why the hell they spent 3 million Euros on a toy!


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