/Renderings: Toyota GT86 Sedan & Shooting Brake

Renderings: Toyota GT86 Sedan & Shooting Brake

gt86 shooting brake 545x408 at Renderings: Toyota GT86 Sedan & Shooting Brake

Just a hint from Tetsuya Tada, the father of Toyota GT86 (Scion FR-S – Subaru BRZ), was enough for auto designers to get busy with their Photoshop and come up with renderings of both a sedan and a shooting brake version of the Japanese sports car.

If you don’t like the idea of a GT86 with four doors or with a large hatch, you are probably going to hate the pictures too. But as we said before, there is nothing wrong with a more practical version of the 86, if they can make sure it drives just like the coupe.

gt86 sedan 545x408 at Renderings: Toyota GT86 Sedan & Shooting Brake

That is of course where things get tricky. It is quite a bit harder to engineer the same delicacy and charm that the coupe version is blessed with into the sedan or wagon version. Compromise will be inevitable. Plus, wagons and sedans have entirely different buyers than the coupe, So the marketing will probably be an issue too.

Whether or not Toyota will green light these cars remains to be see. For now, let’s just enjoy these nicely done renderings.

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