/McLaren P1 Promo: Designed by Air – Video

McLaren P1 Promo: Designed by Air – Video

P1 Designed by Air at McLaren P1 Promo: Designed by Air   Video

In the latest promo video for the P1 hyper car McLaren puts an emphasis on the aerodynamics, calling the P1 the ‘Most Aerodynamically Advanced Car’ in the world. The video shows how the car’s aero characteristics change according to the driving mode. They will also launch an application soon that will explain that in great details to those interested in such matters.

We, to tell you the truth, couldn’t care less about stuff like this. All we care about is which new hyper car is the fastest, and unless Porsche applies some kind of witchcraft to its 918, that title is LaFerrari’s. The P1 might be more aerodynamic, but the more powerful Ferrari is considerably quicker to 300 km/h. Both cars are, sadly, limited to 350 km/h.

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